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Diode D2 missing from Gerbil board

Hi There, I received my Gerbil board and finally have time to install it.  On close inspection I noticed that smd diode D2 in front of the x axis stepper driver is missing from the PCB . It looks like it's been torn off the board as there are two smd leads still soldered in place. I'm not sure if this is as designed or there is an issue with my board. See picture attached.




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Also missing from mine

Is yours working as expected then?

D2 is not installed in mine either, but the solder pads look clean.  Haven't installed, so I don't know if it works.

Hi Skyzer Technologies removed the safety power diode since it was lowering the voltage on the cpu and impacting its performance while testing the units. The diode was meant to prevent people from using the barreljack connector and 5v laser power supply at the same time. Sorry for the late reply but just saw the messages.

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