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We decided to move the downloads to Github to relieve our website from the heavy download traffic in order to give our content readers a better user experience, so we apologise for any inconvenience this causes to you.

This page contains all the downloads (newest on top):

Mini Gerbil VCP drivers

Legacy Gerbil Firmware .Hex file

Legacy Gerbil FTDI usb drivers

Zadig.exe when Windows does not allow you to install drivers:

Inkscape requirements: V0.92.3 (32/64bits) Win or Mac.


  1. open a command prompt as administrator
  2. navigate to the folder extensions and use the copy command to copy the files
  3. optional : set privileges to exec/write/read
  4. When using the plugins, use a ‘directory’ you can write to

K40 stock manual: 

Legacy Firmware config instructions:

Other software tools:





Gerbil Firmware:


(Legacy Gerbil and PSU schematics)