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Engraviring problem

Hello gentlemen!

I replaced the M2 card with grlb3 and the phenomenon occurred that the text engraving is completely different in both directions. I tried to stop the acceleration, which helped, but the machine became very slow. 60x40 Chinese machine. it can be said to be the big brother of the k40. can you help me what to say? In the case of an M2 card, the engraving speed was 400 mm/S

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Hi Zoltan,

The results in x and y direction are different because the max stepping rate in x direction is configured as 24,000,000 mm/min while the y rate is way lower 8,000,000 mm/min. So when you enter a high rate in Lightburn that exceeds the configured rate, the engraving speed defaults to the max. configured one.

Further the wood grain plays a role as well but not so critical. Use the y direction max rate with in the x direction and you will see it will be closely the same. Best engraving results are obtained for any laser in the x direction because of the design of the laser gantry.

Hope this helps, Cheers Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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