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Please vote for which feature you'd like to see next !Please vote for which feature you'd like to see next ! Combined cutting and engraving in one step Easy calibration Adding 'flip Y axis' to the Inkscape extension1 Topic · 17 PostsLast post in New features Poll by Paul DeGroot5 months ago
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Other issues or suggestionsOther issues or suggestions that don't fall in any category31 Topics · 124 PostsLast post in Power Supply Issue by dfox17873 days ago
ReleasesLast post
Showcase created thingsLast post
Showcase your itemsAll things made with the K4018 Topics · 74 PostsLast post in Clint's K40 build by Paul DeGroot2 months ago
LaserWeb, CNCJS and other softwareLast post
Laserweb configurationLaser web config with M3,M4, M5 and Power settings5 Topics · 43 PostsLast post in T2laser testing by tprothma2 weeks ago
K40 VitaminsLast post
Vitamins for the K40All things available to enhance your K408 Topics · 14 PostsLast post in Simple Mods for my K40 by Paul DeGroot2 months ago
GeneralLast post
General instructions and rules for this forumThis forum contains some instructions and rules for newbies5 Topics · 11 PostsLast post in Customer Service by Paul DeGroot4 weeks ago
Alarm, Error and other codesLast post
Gerbil Inkscape PluginsLast post
Inkscape plugin installation issues WIN10Any issues with installing the Inkscape plugins5 Topics · 26 PostsLast post in unusual code output by Paul DeGroot5 months ago
Using Gerbil PluginsHow to use the Gerbil Plugins and tips/hints22 Topics · 80 PostsLast post in Inkscape crashes Home by Paul DeGroot4 months ago
K40 Gerbil Controller installationLast post
Help with installing the Gerbil controllerAny help with installing the Gerbil controller and troubleshooting issues55 Topics · 252 PostsLast post in Flashing Firmware by xlblackinklx4 hours ago
USB FTDI 232X Drivers WIN10Issues with installing the USB drivers2 Topics · 7 PostsLast post in USB FTDI 232X Drivers???? by Paul DeGroot10 months ago
USB FTDI 232X Drivers MAC OSXIssues with installing the USB drivers in MAC OSX1 Topic · 1 PostLast post in FTDI drivers by Paul DeGroot1 year ago
Drag chain install etcLast post
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