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GRBL Version / Changes

Hi Paul, still having fun with my Gerbil 🙂

What version of GRBL is the Gerbil running? GRBL or GRBL-LPC?

The reason I'm asking is I wouldn't mind being able to turn off the laser firing at power on, that and I wouldn't mind giving it a go in LightBurn also.

I've compiled GRBL a few times for changes to a different board so am more than happy doing it, have you uploaded the source for it anywhere so I can have a look at config.h etc?


Many thanks

Found it I think ha ha ????

Always happens, spend ages searching and then find what you wanted as soon as you ask!

No worries Tim, it's on github so you can modify my version of Grbl for the 328pb. When flashing via the arduino ide via the usb port make sure you have the 328pb libs installed and move the jumpers to uart 0 on the gerbil controller board. My Grbl version uses that port occupied bt uart 0 for the 16 bits pwm hence the comms function for the usb is moved to uart1. Good luck and let me know how it goes. I have used lightburn.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Hi Lately my text is mirrored.  It is correct in lightburn 1.0.  It dosent matter how i set the origen it is still mirrored. anyone have a soloution?  Thanks in advance

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