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No homing on extension

The extension comes up as -k40 j tech photonics laser tool- and there is no homing  section.

Laser on m03 laser off m05.

Is he heart beat light flashing red correct and what is it for?

According to Google either my gerbil has a respiratory problem or is at the point of death.????????

Last comments were a bit garbled.????

So I have installed the inkscape plugins and successfully cuta basic shape. There is no homing input in the extension.

I then tried an image raster cut. Sadly no success. At the moment my internet is down as someone cut through the telephone wire coming into the house. Blush! Me. I have bought lightburn but with no internet I cannot download it in my workshop. I will try tethering to my phone but here in rural Scotland the signal is stupid low.

I will try a basic one colour raster.

Btw. The box blocks off the pwm pin so had to mod it.


I take it this is not monitored anymore.


Incase anyone sees this it is a picture of the screen after 5 mins.

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Hi Motorxy,

The alternative is a bit of a work around. You can save the G-code file instead of live streaming. Open the G-code file and add the $H command in the start line and or end line via notepad++ which is a free editor.

Currently I'm moving houses interstate (apologies for the delays) so I will look into it once settled, so I have proper access to my data 🙂

Cheers, Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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