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No movement

Can someone elaborate on this?

"The large 4 pin plug into the Mini Gerbil must supply 24V and ground to move the motors.  Check the plug very carefully to ensure contact is being made.  Check wiring."


found it here.https://awesome.tech/mini-gerbil-debugging-movement/    would like a clearer explanation of how to "check"

Hi, I've sen quite a few examples of the large four pin plug not mated well. In particular, if the metal pins within the plug push back out of the plastic casing at all, then the contact is not reliable.

Attached image shows the plug correctly full seated onto the controller board. You can see the metal pins within the plastic casing, but none of the tops of the pins are visible above the top surface.

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  • Fully-seated-plug.jpg

Thanks for the response! that is an excellent explanation and thank you for the pic that really helps to clarify it. I'll check it out when I get home this evening.

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