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I’m setting up a Mini Gerbil with my K40/DIY laser.
I’m using Windows 10/other with Lightburn/other.
My problem is with no response/no communication/inconsistent operation/homing/movement/laser operation/engraving results
I have followed the suggestions for the above link

2 thoughts on “MG3 troubleshooting”

  1. Is there any reason my laser will suddenly lose power in the middle of a job, or is my tube dying? I engrave rolling pins, and in the space of 1cm the engraving went from 2mm deep to barely marking the surface. I thought when tubes die they gradually lose power……

    1. Hi, do you mean the laser has permanently lost burning power? To check this, please place a small piece of paper in front of the reflective surface of the mirror on the left hand side of the gantry, and run a job. As soon as you see smoke from the paper, turn off the power – you’ve proven there is laser output. If you got output, then the next step is to align the mirrors. If no output, check these tips and liase with our tech support via

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