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Y axis is shrunken when I draw a perfect square

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We encountered an issue while testing our new controllers with the Y axis being shrunken.

After carefully examining the G code produced by LightBurn, we saw that one STM-Gerbil device driver did not generate the correct G-code. E.g. a line of 100 mm is being send as 89mm. A 30mm x 30mm square was 26mm in Y direction. See attached photo.

How to solve if you have this issue?

Turn off the rotary enable - Edit > Rotary Setup


Set up a new STM-Gerbil device driver via the add device button and set the working area and whether you want to home on start up or not. Delete the old G-code device driver.

Note. We have raised this is issue with LightBurn and they advised me that the rotary setup was enabled.


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Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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