Two new products launch today!

There’s great celebration today at Awesome.Tech as we launch two new products!

Rotary Switch – this device makes life easier for K40 and other laser owners who want to swap between using a rotary device and their regular laser in XY mode. You can even hot switch (switch without powering everything off) with the Mini Gerbil controller!

The new Rotary switch in its recommended mounting position… what could be simpler?

Middleman Board V2 – this kit (DIY solder) allows enthusiasts to connect things to their K40, whether it be their own experimental controllers, extra sensors or electronics. It has all the right connections for common K40 power supplies, limit switches etc and the only limit is your imagination.

The new Middleman v2 board – connect the world to your K40!

Both products include our simple and effective adhesive standoff mounting system.

What’s your feedback on these two products?

1 thought on “Two new products launch today!”

  1. When I first received our rotary switch I was a-bit unsure about how useful it was going to be, But Having used the Rotary switch everyday in our small shop I can safely say its one of the upgrades I would not be without.

    We switch between rotary work and flat a fair bit. even with good planning and trying to run all our rotary work at once we still get rush jobs come in. The switch makes the changeover so simple. There’s no mucking about changing over wiring.

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