K40 Adaptor Board (kit)


K40 breakout board kit (DIY solder) with screw terminals, headers and FCC connector. Not required when you purchase a Mini Gerbil. The Mini Gerbil has all the k40 type 1 and 2 connectors on board.

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This breakout board kit helps with connecting your K40 laser to replacement controllers with screw terminals.  You’ll need to solder all the connectors on yourself.

It’s ideal for connecting the powerful SuperGerbil CNC controller to your K40, if you need to control additional axes such as vertical bed height.

You don’t need this board when you buy a Mini Gerbil since this controller has all the K40 type 1 and 2 connectors on board.

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1 FCC connector for the ribbon cable, 3.8mm break out screw terminals, 5 pin header for limits, 4 pin header for X, Y axis and controls. Fully assembled!


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