Mini Gerbil 2 Axis Controller for K40 Laser Cutter

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Suitable for K40 and other 2 axis laser cutters / engravers

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Suitable for K40 and other laser cutters/engravers requiring 2 axis and laser control. Throw away your current controller such as NanoM2 and enjoy a smooth experience and higher speed operation. Full installation instructions and support provided. Includes custom acrylic case flatpack.

The Mini Gerbil is compatible with:

  • Inkscape – we’ve built custom add-ins that give you laser control from inside the graphics editor
  • Laserweb
  • Lightburn
  • Easel
  • Other g-code senders

Mini Gerbil’s dimensions are approx. 80 x 50 x 22 mm.

Mini Gerbil controller for K40 lasers


  • runs from your K40 without needing additional power supplies
  • faster than any alternative control systems due to the 72 MWhz 32 bits ARM processor
  • allows fine gray engravings due to 16 bits  PWM
  • no dongle required
  • support via our K40 forum
  • small footprint
  • sturdy and reliable in custom acrylic case
  • easy to install – simply follow the written and/or video instructions


Suitable for K40 and other laser cutters / engravers

Runs from existing laser power

Full simultaneous 2 Axis – X and Y

Assemble your own case from flat pack

Ultra smooth high precision with 32 bits

Hold large G-code files with 96kB fast Flash/RAM memory

2 x A4988 standard step sticks included (1.5A)

Easy connection to standard K40 connectors (USB port communication)

Free access to Mini Gerbil Firmware updates for the life of the product

Community Support – K40 Forum


The installation instructions can be found here


USB Cable – 80 cm – Just add the product to your checkout cart

LightBurn G-Code License Key – Just add the product to your checkout cart


1 review for Mini Gerbil 2 Axis Controller for K40 Laser Cutter

  1. dancolwp1974

    Hi Paul.

    I received my Mini Gerbil in the mail yesterday and had it hooked up to my K40 in a few hours.
    I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed so it took me a while as I have a PSU Type II and had to be sure I had the cabling right.

    Wow! Buttery smooth action, accurate, fast and Lightburn recognized the unit and set the params instantly!

    I was giddy to say the least.

    Now I can actually do some cutting and engraving instead of debugging and banging my head against the wall.

    Thanks for a superior product and excellent purchase and shipping experience.
    You and your “team” are the best,
    Rob Hasanen, Canada.

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