Mini Gerbil v3 (MG3) – 2 axis controller for K40 laser cutter


Suitable for K40 and other 2 axis laser cutters / engravers.


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Suitable for K40 and other laser cutters/engravers requiring 2 axis and laser control. This controller replaces your stock Nano controller, and follows on from the popular Mini Gerbil 2 controller, with improved robustness, performance and user-friendly features. Installation is easy with our video instructions and support via the K40 forum and email. We include 4 adhesive stand-offs for easy mounting inside your K40.

Specifications can be found at MG3 specifications – AwesomeTech

The Mini Gerbil is compatible with Lightburn (strongly recommended!) and other laser software and most g-code senders.

Windows 10 is recommended and supported, earlier versions of Windows are ‘at your own risk’ (we don’t provide technical support).

Mini Gerbil’s dimensions are approx. 110 x 70 x 20 mm.


  • runs from your K40 without additional power supplies
  • fast processing (400mm/s)
  • allows fine gray engravings due to 16 bits PWM and high dynamic range circuit design
  • Air assist port (for driving a Solid State Relay)
  • no dongle required for normal operation (required for firmware updates only)
  • galvanic isolation from K40 (higher safety, better stability, reduced noise inference)
  • easy debugging via status LEDs (e.g. limit switches, power etc)
  • keyed/slotted connectors
  • support via our K40 forum and email
  • easy to install – simply follow the video instructions

For a comparison of benefits relative to the Mini Gerbil v2, see


See MG3 specifications – AwesomeTech


The installation video can be found here and troubleshooting chart can be found here.


LightBurn G-Code License Key – Just add the product to your checkout cart

PIN Out Map

;Note: -> means output, <- input, <-> common

Two programming dongles are supported (denoted as V1,V2 for illustration).


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