New Mini Gerbil mounting solution

Hi all,

we noticed that the acrylic box we issued with Mini Gerbils can be a bit fiddly, and shipping it around the world doesn’t help.

So we’ve simplified from a box to a simple can’t-go-wrong mounting plate. The mounting kit includes 8 screws and 4 standoffs… simple!

Doesn’t get simpler than this.

The plate’s holes align with the Nano board mounts (requires some mucking around with a screwdriver). When screwed to the K40 inner panel it looks like this:

And we now also include some quality double sided tape so you can just position the mounting board to whichever location suits. Don’t stick the mounting plate to the power supply though – it needs ventilation for cooling.

Example mounting position on inner right-hand-side of K40 case

If you prefer the old box design, let us know and we can email you the design to laser cut from acrylic yourself.



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