DIY Personal Particle Accelerator

After years of development we're almost ready to release an exciting DIY Personal Particle Accelerator for hobbyists and students.  It's based on the standard Arduino Uno, so it's easy to get into.  Experiment, optimise, share, hardware/software... it's up to you.  The product includes Arduino and Processing software to operate, control and gather data... will YOU discover then next Higgs Boson ??  Be first with your shiny new Particle Accelerator by joining our Kickstarter notification list.

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Gerbil Laser Engraver / Cutter controller

Does your laser cutter have a need for speed ?  Oh, and precision ?

If you bought a cheap Chinese ebay laser cutter and aren't happy with the software, unlock its and your potential with this controller. It allows you to use open source software e.g. Inkscape, vector cutting and raster engraving Plugins, G-code senders etc.  Great for engraving high resolution pictures, designs and signage.  Now you can perform 10 bit engraving and 380 DPI (15 pixels/mm). Click here to see funded Kickstarter!

Gerbil Setup

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We love the Arduino !

Whether it's a classic Uno controlling the Personal Particle Accelerator, or an advanced Uno R4 as the heart of the laser engraver/cutter controller, Arduino's are great for hobbyists.

The R4 has two UARTs (serial ports), two additional 16 bit timers, and 4 additional I/O ports.  This makes it great for higher performance tasks.  When you push a Uno beyond its limits, it's time to upgrade to a R4.

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