Setup day at Bay Area Maker Faire

Today, our intrepid Aussie adventurers set up their demos at the Bay Area MakerFaire.  We’re pretty sure they haven’t seen a particle accelerator before !

First, Jo constructed a display case for the particle accelerators – we gotta keep little fingers off this complex equipment !!!  (Photo taken before the protective backing plastic was peeled off)


Thanks to Emma at Australian Plastic Fabricators in Pyrmont for help with the display case. Then we all jumped in an Uber with our boxes and set up the banner and gear at our stand in the enormous convention centre building…

Thanks to Nick Williams from Reno, Nevada for helping out some tired Aussies with various technology.  Paul’s using Nick’s K40 laser cutter to demonstrate his laser controller, which creates beautiful engravings using affordable laser cutters.  Nick and Paul are active on the Google+ forum for K40 laser cutters

ok, we’re all psyched up for the big day tomorrow !  Check our blogs throughout the day

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  1. Hi Dan, Jo and Paul

    Very interesting blogs! Glad you’re having fun as well as getting ready for the big day (days?)

    All good wishes and I imagine a celebratory dinner will be in order!


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