Day 1 of the world’s largest MakerFaire

Huge.  Just Huge.  And it was only a half day !

Photo of the day – Paul discusses laser etching quality while a group of students check out the Personal Particle Accelerator

Some great highlights (more photos coming :

  • A lady rushed up to the stand and said ‘My son and I’ve just come back from seeing the LHC in Switzerland, and we wanted to see what this Personal Particle Accelerator was all about’
  • Great to see so many school kids.  The most rewarding moment of the day was when a group of school kids exclaimed ‘Cool !’ as they took in the Personal Particle Accelerator.  They then explained that their robotics teacher was looking for new projects for them, so they wanted to check it out.
  • Lots of people impressed in the quality of Paul’s laser engraving.  They just needed one look and could see it was different.  A photographer walking by did a double-take as he realised we were the only ones showing a full grayscale laser engraving
  • Great discussions with other makers about producing laser controllers for the public, and how powerful Kickstarter is as a marketing tool to reach makers and innovators
  • A gentleman explained he and his wife (a scientist) were looking to build the ultimate nerd house, and would value a particle accelerator to complete the task.

And in the old cliche about crossing the world to see your neighbour, I met Steampunk Michael Greensmith from Australia’s blue mountains.  Looking forward to creating some mayhem with Michael upon our return.

Making time to wander around the other exhibits was rewarded with a diverse mix of electronics, mechanics and artistry… like this Robo peacock !

Below, Jo next to a fellow (blue shirt) who, with a thunderous discharge of 400V capacitors, fired an aluminium plate up so high it bounced off the cavernous ceiling above. Spectacular stuff.

The day ended with dinner and drinks for the exhibitors in a giant outdoor space.   Bizarre mechatronic statues surrounded us, including a fire-bealching snail-mobile.  No, I don’t know why !!!


In place of a live band, a monster Tesla Coil towered into the sky, blasting out music by modulating a 1 million volt arc… noisy, but geekdom at its finest !

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