Tech Tourists in San Francisco

In the lead up to the big MakerFaire show where we demonstrate our model particle accelerator and laser controller, we’re doing all the touristy things.  First up were bagels and coffee, at Daniel’s cafe…

Josephine wanted to take advantage of San Francisco’s ‘thrift stores’ to find some awesome clothes. She went into Vacation thrift store with her red jacket, and came out with a cracker leather jacket for $6 USD ! Jo, you nailed it !!

Fortunately we found a great local Uber/Limo driver who gave us a tour of the city’s best locations, and Paul, having missed the Redwoods on a previous visit had it as his #1 priority.

Today (17th May) was Dan’s birthday, so we treated ourselves to his favourite deep dish pizza at Patxi’s Pizza. Nice !  Now Josephine and Paul are hooked on deep dish pizza too.

Image result for deep dish pizza patxi

Jet lag status (waking time):

  • Josephine 7:30am
  • Paul 2am
  • Dan 3am

Now we get serious with our responsibilities at Maker Faire !  Paul used his early waking time wisely, by tuning up his mini laser engraver.

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