Day 2 of the world’s largest MakerFaire

Another great day, as Makers of all ages flooded into the Bay Area MakerFaire to see an incredible array of projects and connect with like minded folk.

Both the Laser Controller and Personal Particle Accelerator consistently received great comments like ‘very cool’ and ‘awesome’.  It was really satisfying to hear so many like minded people appreciating all the hard work that’s gone into these projects.  In the photo below, a group gathers around the particle accelerator.

I had great conversations about the Personal Particle Accelerator with Chris Dastan, Shelley Green, Bob Martin, Michael Shiloh, Larry McGovern and many others – thank you, you’ve made it a very memorable experience for me.
Paul’s laser controller is shaping up for a hot launch on Kickstarter, with the MakerFaire revealing the incredible talent and creative passions that customers are ready to unleash with it.  Artists, designers, entrepreneurs and every day people with a creative urge are thrilled that the controller provides a deep ‘shades of gray’ engraving range across a range of materials, with an open source toolchain (like Inkscape).  Nothing beats the satisfaction of cheaply upgrading a $400 machine to performance of a $2000+ machine ! The picture below shows a great little creative business utilising a laser in their production process.
At a technical level, a drag chain, better optics, pause and resume buttons are emerging as key desirable features.  Although Paul started his product around K40 laser systems, the surprise has been how much demand there is to improve other systems… fortunately this is possible too.
Paul enjoyed chatting with other Laser system providers, including GlowForge’s Dan Shapiro.


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