COVID-19 Delays

Due to COVID-19 we’re encountering delays in the distribution channels and last leg of delivery. Unfortunately this is outside our control. Even tracking is often not done by the postal services because of the huge numbers of deliveries.

Our warehouses process orders as soon as they arrive.

5th July – shipping performance update

  • USA shipping is consistent, UK shipping is good
  • EU, Australia and rest of the world are still below pre-Covid19 standards.

28/06 – Orders up to 8971 have been processed

EU (NL)18th of June – Stock has arrived and orders are dispatched today.

10th June – Low visibility on arriving stock since postal services don’t provide tracking updates. We are shipping a new batch from Australia to our ware houses tomorrow to prevent low stock. New stock was due to arrive 28/29th May but still underway. Previous stock arrived on the 7th of May, Orders up to 17 May delivered. Expect COVID19 delays in last leg to your home. Orders are now processed asap.

EU(UK) – setting up a new distribution channel, currently waiting for stock to arrive, expect COVID19 delays in last leg to your home. some issues with the first dispatch because of hand over – Tracking numbers are missing

USA – has stock, just COVID19 delays in last leg to your home

AUS – has stock, just COVID19 delays in last leg to your home

Lightburn Licence keys

Licence keys are automatically send as soon the order is processed. If you have only purchased a licence then it is send within minutes.

If you have multiple items then the Licence key is automatically send as soon the complete order is processed.

USA orders process on Fridays, so your licence key will be emailed soon.  If you haven’t done so already, feel free to download and install LightBurn from their website because you can use it for up to one month without the licence.

If you need the licence immediately but ordered combined items (e.g. Mini Gerbil plus LightBurn) please email us and we help you out.

6 thoughts on “COVID-19 Delays”

    1. Hi Henlo, we used DHL in the past but they have postponed services to SA and increased their fees due to Covid19. Now we ship from the Netherlands via DPD and use the local post service as last leg in the shipping.

        1. No sorry the mail is very unreliable nowadays, despite paid tracking, it’s not updated by the postal services because they are overwhelmed.

  1. Just ordered – cannot wait for this controller to come 🙂

    UK doesnt really have issues just a extra day or two on post 🙂 . Amazon next day haha.

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