May 2019 update

Hi Everyone, Paul and I thought we’d do a video this time, enjoy !

Awesome.Tech’s May 2019 update

3 thoughts on “May 2019 update”

  1. Hi there guys, nice update! I didn’t really hear about the KS until after the fact, however I was wondering whether there were any plans to release the source code– is SG based on the GRBL project? I originally stumbled across your project via the Hackaday page that provided info on the project, planned KS, and so forth, and at that time the code was running on a “Blue Pill” board, which would be really exciting to try out on my 3040 CNC.

  2. Great to see you folks getting involved in new and better ways.
    I’m a retired person who has become involved in wood turning, then I purchased a CNC ( ShapeOko XXL). I would like to purchase a laser unit that I could incorporate on my CNC.
    I’m not sure where to start but I was impressed with your presentation and felt your shop would be the perfect place to get the information I would need to move forward.
    Thanks for your time
    Lyle, aka ‘The Wood Inturn’

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