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Traversal Lines have STARTED to occur

Afternoon All,

Mini Gerbil was installed as lockdown started to kick in, and everything was working perfectly.

Recently have started getting faint traversal lines in jobs.

Spent a lot of time researching and fiddling, lightburn settings are correct (have also been in contact with Oz), now trying to establish if the issue is PSU or MiniGerbil.

Removal of MiniGerbil and reconnecting stock M2 board with k40 Whisperer stops issues with traversal.

Installed MiniGerbil again today and traversal lines are back.

Hoping for some insight and possible testing that I could potentially try before replacing PSU.

Thank you


Hi Pete, light travelling lines pop up when the "LO" signal wire (laser on or enable) is not connected well.

I suggest to re-seat the big 4 pin power connector on the Mini Gerbil. Sometimes the prongs within the plastic connector housing travel upwards (wire end). Try to use a small instrument screw driver to push the prong back into its connector housing.

You can also tighten the screw terminal on the power supply side or replace the "LO" wire.



Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

I notice that the PWM output idles high. If it were to always idle low, would that prevent any laser activity when LO is not connected?

Hi Peter, the PWM and LO are used in combination. However the firmware needs an update to ensure PWM idles low for other lasers then K40 ($$ setting to be added). We will review the firmware needs for other lasers and do a new update in the future.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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