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TMC2209 stepsticks

  1. Hi, I want to upgrade to TMC2209 drivers, which jumpers do I need to have as in the picture to use them?
  2. I'm assuming I will need to flash the board, is there a link to this?
  3. Thanks
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Hi, I have not used the TMC2209 step sticks but there is a data sheet explaining the pins see https://www.trinamic.com/fileadmin/assets/Products/ICs_Documents/TMC2209_SilentStepStick_datasheet_Rev1.20.pdf

MS1 and MS2 are still connected to the jumpers but no MS3 selection for the microsteps so MS3 jumper must be removed. It is connected to SPREAD. You might have to cut off the pins from the step stick (UART/PDN) in order to make it work.

Please let me know how it went. No need to re-flash the board since there is no update to set the TMC specific features via firmware. I have used the Toshiba TB67S109 step sticks see https://wiki.fysetc.com/S109_V1.1/ if you're after more power. Note the stock PSU in the K40 can only deliver 1 Amp max.... so external power supply is required)

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Hi Paul,

Thank you for your quick reply and information. I will post back when hopefully all is working.

Cheers Peter


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