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TMC2100 Stepper Drivers

So has anyone tried the TMC2100 or TMC2130 stepper drivers with this board?

I'm looking to quiet down my motors with a couple off these drivers.... Particularly anything over 900mm/min gets noisy.

I've recently ordered a mini Gerbil and a pair of TMC2130 stepper drivers. I was hoping to find some information here to help me move forward.

The driver boards aren't too expensive. The pair (I got them as kits, not pre-soldered) cost me a total of $37.98 (shipping included) here in the USA. They have a company that supplies them in Snellville, GA. So, they arrived pretty quick. Now, I just need to find out the best way to attach the heatsinks I purchased (and need to cut down to size) to the boards and how to program them, if necessary. Lots of fun to be had. Worth it though, I'm sure.

I'll share my info when I get things working.

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Thanks Brian, keep us posted. You can use the TB67S109 which provides high stepping current and resolution.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Any news on how this worked out and tips to get it going?

I've swapped out to TMC2208s in my 3D printer, and the difference in noise is HUGE. Worth it just for that. I've got some extras sitting around and I'd love to pop them in.

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