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Text Ghosting on Fill


I got my Mini gerbil running on my k40 today and I have been trying to dial it in. I downloaded a  material test card to give the PWM power changing a good run. That worked fine but oddly the text which was set to 300mm/sec 20% Fill did a strange ghosting thing.

I've included a picture. Does anyone know what may be the fix for it?


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Hi Christopher,

regarding speed in general, just wondering if you've read this blog? https://awesome.tech/quality-photo-engraving/

Would be good to test at say 100mm/sec and confirm that it is a speed related issue.



Hi, Thanks for the reply. I got it sorted in the end, the speed didn't make a difference until it got down to about 50mm/sec however I did while cleaning and oiling find the y is driven by 2 belts which I didn't realise somehow and that 2nd belt was loose so I tightened it up and the engrave is miles better.

Thanks for the suggestions and the blog, I will give that a read, I've not got around the tackling the photo engraving setting yet, most of my work is on leather so is mostly line and fill work.

I do have a slightly odd "Wiggle" in my line work that only happens when my machine is traveling in both x and Y diagonally towards the front right of the machine if you have any insight into that? Ive attached a picture and you can see the issues in the red boxes.

Thanks, Topher

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Thanks for the update Topher.

Here's some ideas:

If belt-related

  • you could test other speeds in the same area, to determine if it's a dynamic issue. For example, maybe your rail(s) is/are slightly warped in the relevant area and a fast-moving gantry has momentum that sends it away from the rail(s), that shows as a wiggle.
  • If it happens regardless of speed, could it be a flat spot on the drive belt. Changing belt tension could help?

If non-belt related - am wondering if it could graphics related - there's quite a few layers of graphics processing (image, Lightburn and controller). You could start to debug this by trying a different resolution and/or rotating the relevant image (with the defect item appearing on the same spot).

Will be very interesting to see what you find.




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