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Is there anything in the config to tweak to get the engraving speeds faster? The board has been working awesome but when i try to run over 6000MM/M the steppers sputter and jerk. I read on other forums that they run 150mm/s and 200mm/s at 6000mm/m=100mm/s is all i can push it.

I would think with the default config setting you could get much more than that.  I believe I went up to 13000mm/m in my setting before the steppers started skipping when I was set at 1/16 microsteps.  But different machines will behave different,  Stepper motors could be slightly different models as there's a gazilion different K40's on the market.  Assuming you have a K40?

A few things to check would be tension on belts, how clean / lubricated the linear rails are & how smooth the axis's move, verify the correct voltages on the stepper drivers (I think .365V is where I set mine) See what you have $110, $111 max rate set at and check what your $120 & $121 acceleration settings are.    I ended up going to 1/8th micro stepping and believe I was able to go up to $110=25000 $111-15000 and I decreased the acceleration I believe from 8000 to 3000 as mine seems to run smoother there. Hope this gives you a few places to look.

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