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Problems with 60w laser



I have connected as described - Pwm from IN to PWM and TL to low - I can control the laser movement but not fire - I can still fire via the control board on front of the machine but not via software.



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Hi Thomas,


The photos look fine but I can't see where you're connecting the LO and PWM to, so I'd need more photos clearly showing those connnections, especially labels.


The more general checks in the case of Laser not operating are:


Laser stuck off Check use of laser software.  For example, Lightburn has multiple settings required to actually send laser output.  Confirm the Mini Gerbil’s blue LED is illuminated, showing that it is outputting the Laser on signal.


The $ settings have been changed. The correct values are: $30=1000, $31=1, $32=1. See https://awesome.tech/what-are-settings/


Laser enable (LO) miswiring.  Check in particular the large plug from the K40 is fully pushed into Mini Gerbil (zero gap).


Check sufficient laser power.  Laser tubes have a minimum power threshhold to operate.  This may change as the laser ages.  Increase the laser strength output in Lightburn.


Address grounding problems see https://awesome.tech/k40-laser-grounding-instructions/


From <https://awesome.tech/mini-gerbil-debugging-laser-operation/>


If you could include some more photos and confirm you've investigated each of the above resolutions, that'll help us get this fixed.





PS   What is that spare yellow/blue connector attached to? Hope it's not floating around near the terminals that it could cause a short circuit

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