Mini Gerbil debugging – Laser operation

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Symptom DetailLikely causes and their solutions (in recommended sequence)
Laser stuck onLO (Laser Enable) connection is not properly connected

PWM wire connection is not properly connected

Grounding problems , see
Laser stuck offCheck use of laser software.  For example, Lightburn has multiple settings required to actually send laser output.  Confirm the Mini Gerbil’s blue LED is illuminated, showing that it is outputting the Laser on signal.

Laser enable (LO) miswiring.  Check in particular that plug from K40 is fully pushed into Mini Gerbil (zero gap).

Check sufficient laser power.  Laser tubes have a minimum power threshhold to operate.  This may change over the course of the laser.  Increase the laser strength output in Lightburn.

Address grounding problems see
Laser strength different to desired.  K40 front panel does not affect laser strength.As designed.  Set laser strength from your software (eg. Lightburn) because the front panel control is no longer operational when Mini Gerbil is installed
Laser strength differs from experience with previous controllerThe effect of the laser is a result of many different factors, including the design of controller electronics, so results will differ between controllers.  The good news is that with the right now how you can get great results.  See

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