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K40 l Lightburn and LaserWeb different movement directions

Hey guys,

need your help with my K40.

Limit Switches are in the upper left.

To use Lightburn I have to set $3=3 and $23=3 to have the right direction of movement and homing to the upper left edges.

If I want use my K40 with LaserWeb I have to set $3=1 to get the right way of movement. With $3=3 the movement in the y-axis is diversed. I experimented with the $3 and $23 values to get common values, because some projects are better to work in LaserWeb and some in Lightburn.


Can I set up something in the Softwares to get a right way of direction with same $-values or do I have to setup the right values before every use in each software?


Hope I can explain my problem right. Sorry for my school-english (it is some years ago) 🙂


thanks for your help



If it helps here are my $-values for Lightburn:









 (ATC M6, pulse/ff)


 (ATC Tool Td, milliseconds)


 (ATC M6 Td, milliseconds)






 (Softstart, milliseconds)










 (Spindle freq. 0 to 15)



































 (x:mm max)


 (y:mm max)


 (z:mm max)


 (a:mm max)


 (b:mm max)

If you want to home the machine down left, you need to add a Normally Closed Limit switch in series with the current Y limit switch. Then you can home in Laserweb and Inkscape in a better orientation. Of course you need to set $3 and 23 as well to make it home to a different location.

See Limit switches and homing


Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

thanks for your answer Paul!

Do I see it right that there is no other Way to match Lightburn and LaserWeb as in adding another limit switch in down left?! Homing LaserWeb in the upper left is not working?

Another problem is the different way of movement in LaserWeb and Lightburn!! For the right y-axis-orientation in Lightburn I have to set $3=3 and in LaserWeb I have to set $3=1

Is this normal?


solved my problem.


Set machine origin in LB to bottom left. (LW has the same).

Set $3=4 or so I think and $23=1.

Tavelling and homing works. Set my y-offset in LaserWeb to -200mm and it works.


Lightburn does not work as I want .. have to experiment a little bit with the offset in lightburn

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