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K40 Fires at 100% even Thru Moves MiniGRBL

I recently had to replace my K40 laser tube because it cracked and decided to upgrade the whole unit from a 40w to a 50w laser. I replaced both the Laser tube and Power Supply. I then decided to bump it up and replace the  Nano board to the awesome.tech Mini GRBL controller so I can use LightBurn. The issue I'm having is that sometimes when I turn on the Laser Machine, and the PC detects it,  but it doesn't communicate with it and i have to turn it on and off multiple times before it sees it and I can control it. That's a bit annoying. The second issue is that no matter what I put into LightBurn, it always fires at 100% even thru moves making it completely useless. Its setup in lightburn as MiniGRBL. I haven't added any g-code to it yet so I'm hoping that's where my issue is at. I'm new to this so any help would be appreciated.

Hi Marcel,

the communication should be pretty reliable. Rather than turning the laser on/off it can be easier to just unplug/plug the USB. Some customers experience comms reliability issues due to interference from nearby wiring. Please send installation photos so that I can see if this is the case with your unit.

On the laser strength, reports of laser stuck can also have a foundation in wiring, so once again a couple of photos will help us work through this.



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