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Dialing in photo quality engraving

https://youtu.be/YvQ8L7Xth8k is must watch about quality photo engraving explained from Russ at thinklaser.com.

In a nutshell: laser a pattern of dots at different focus points with the same  low speed and choose the best dot engraving from the set which gives you the best  focal point.

Next set the DPI dots per inch correctly in the laser program and calculate the engraving speed. (see video). Amazingly low dpi's 90-160 gives better results than high. The video explains why.

It confirms my experiences that engraving is a slow process which depends on lens quality (stock lens is really not that great), material, speed and laser ignition time.

Low speed and low power gives you a smaller beam (smaller dot, higher resolution) and surprisingly, according to the video a faster tube ignition time (3mS). A trick that we apply is setting the $31 minimum laser strength e.g. $31=5 which keeps the tube on but lasering is too faint to affect the work piece.

The video does not show you that you can do multiple cycles of engraving (stacked) which gives you a better contrast. Make sure that you home the machine between cycles so the dots are exactly at the same spot as the previous dots otherwise you might get overlaps showing up as lines or black spots. (e.g. loose belts do cause this too).


Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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