EU warehouse in STOCK

Update 9 April: There are significant delivery delays (15 days) in various countries in Europe which causes our ware house in the Netherlands to work additional hours in follow up enquiries. In a number of countries, any parcel is hold at cross country depots until transport numbers are sufficient for certain end destinations (other countries). These depot quotas have been increased and this is entirely out of our control. The postal companies have also teamed up with each other which makes enquiries even worse because of the multiple handovers between country postal and courier services. We ask our customers to be patient and we will investigate if we can add express postal services (although that would incur additional costs).

Update 24 March: new stock has arrived but delays with several Postal services within Europe due to Covid19 third wave.

Update 17 Feb: new stock has arrived.

Update 10 Feb: low in stock but new stock is underway and should arrive within 5 days.

Update 2 Feb: new stock has arrived!

30th January – new stock sold out quickly! But more stock will arrive around 5th February


Update 20th January – new stock has finally arrived – thanks for your patience!


Update 16th January – shipping services to our EU warehouse still delayed. Hoping to receive stock by 21st January. We’re check shipping status everyday and will advise updates.


Update 9th January – the Mini Gerbils should be in our EU warehouse in the next few days. As soon as it is, we’ll update the website and EU orders will resume.


Our EU warehouse is currently out of stock and we’re expecting more stock to arrive around 11th January. This blog will be updated as new information is available.

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  1. Hi Gerard, no the Mini Gerbil is not compatible with K40 Whisperer software. In fact, many users buy the Mini Gerbil because it is compatible with LightBurn software. If you haven’t already researched LightBurn, I strongly encourage you to do so. It’s very user friendly and a pleasure to use.

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