USA local shipping starts today !

Exciting news – today we’ve starting shipping the Mini Gerbil and Mini Gerbil Pro-Packs from our new USA warehouse. US customers can now expect around 4 day delivery time (excluding Sunday), with online tracking. If your order includes other products, eg. lens + Mini Gerbil, your entire order will ship from Australia.

8 thoughts on “USA local shipping starts today !”

  1. I just got notice that my mini gerbil is on its way. I can’t wait to get it installed and start using it. I’ll be running LightBurn and already have my hardware well tuned, so I’m super excited.

    1. Excellent! And rest assured, in the unlikely event any challenges arise, we’re with you 100% to work through them and get you up and running. You can post questions on the K40 forum, or email me directly dan at
      Thanks for your support!

  2. Does the multiple item rule on shipping apply to a Lightburn License as well. Want to order a Pro-Pack and a Lightburn License. Will that ship from US Or from Australia?



    1. The lightburn licence is a virtual product so no shipping applies to that. You just get an email with the licence key. The ProPack ships from our USA warehouse in West Reading, PA.

        1. We send packages to Thailand from our Australian warehouse. You can see the shipping cost when you place the item in your shopping cart, before you pay. The actual amount depends on the item.

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