PPA – other hobbyist particle accelerators


Today’s blog celebrates others’ particle accelerators, through a series of youtube videos.  To get us started, let’s start with the real deal particle accelerators:

overview of the LHC

Dan standing in front of an LHC backdrop at the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney

real homemade particle accelerator


Moving onto broadly similar hobbyist designs, Jo and I built our first particle accelerator without seeing these:

Very basic accelerator

Basic circular accelerator

Another family effort ! (Korean language, English description)

Bidini Linguini

A nice effort, with evacuated tube and modular design (Portugese language)


So there’s lots of designs out there, lots of fun to be had optimising, optimising, optimising !


Please comment below if you see any other hobbyist particle accelerators !


2 thoughts on “PPA – other hobbyist particle accelerators”

    1. Hi Mike,
      The Personal Particle Accelerator will be released as a kit to enthusiasts of all ages through a Kickstarter campaign in coming months. I’m sure that capable older school students (say, 15 and above) could assemble and enjoy the kit…. hard to say what the lower unassisted age range would be. With some adult help, students aged 12+ could assemble and enjoy the kit.
      Regarding the PPA’s value in helping school students with their formal STEM* studies, there’s a lot of factors to consider – obviously the teacher’s requirements need to be addressed. I’m currently working with teachers to catalogue their needs so that the PPA can be used to best effect in schools (More input from any STEM teachers much appreciated !) and will write a blog on the topic soon.
      *STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths
      Best regards,

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