Required Tools / consumables

  • Fine tip soldering iron
  • Needle nosed pliers
  • Side cutters
  • Fine tip phillips screwdriver for wire connections
  • Fine tip flat screwdriver to adjust SMPS
  • Fine solder
  • 12V DC power supply
  • Multimeter
  • Hot air gun (/hair dryer)

Recommended tools

  • De-soldering braid
  • Oscilloscope

Other items you’ll need

  • Permanent magnet for starting the PPA
  • Acrylic or plywood base for mounting.  Requires drill and 3mm drill bit.

Sorting out bags and modules

The modules roughly correspond to the bags provided in the kit. Here’s a table to show the modules and the bags.

Note: as the plastic bolt (machine screw) sizes are all minimum lengths, sometimes longer lengths may be supplied. This should not affect functionality. Nylon bolts may be easily cut after assembly with side cutters.

Which bag is which?

3d prints
Nuts and bolts
IRPS components (Infra Red Position Sensor)
Output components
Input components, including the screen
Printed Circuit Boards
EMS (ElectroMagnet System)

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