K40 and CNC new products: Mini Gerbil and Super Gerbil controllers

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1. Mini Gerbil – The Pocket Rocket for K40 laser (drop in replacement for NanoM2 boards)

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The Mini Gerbil is our latest replacement Controller for the standard K40 Nano M2 board.  It’s fast, small, easy to connect and affordable.

You can run it without additional costly power supplies, and it’s neatly packed in a custom acrylic case.

Ready for plugging into the K40 laser
K40 laser controller ‘Mini Gerbil’ in case

The firmware is based on the ARM firmware of the Super Gerbil but just for two axis but runs 7 x faster on the 72 MHz 32 bits ARM processor than on our previous Gerbil.

Take engraving to the next level with 16 bit PWM shaded grays.  Of course you can still engrave dithered images if you want to.  Mini Gerbil’s dimensions are approx. 80 x 50 x 22 mm. And detailed specifications can be found here.  Software supported includes Inkscape, Easel, laserWeb, LightBurn etc.

2. Super Gerbil – The Multi Axis CNC G-Code controller

This new product serves our CNC customers. They wanted a controller that could run up to 5 axis simultaneously with additional features. Now it has never been easier to migrate from legacy solutions (PCs running Mach3 with parallel port) to embedded controllers. Full flexibility! We added breakout ports for external stepper drivers or spindle controllers.  You can extend any Super Gerbil product to 5 axis by just putting drivers in their sockets. However if you don’t have drivers, no problems, just select from the various package deals we have!

The Super Gerbil CNC controller
The Super Gerbil CNC controller

The Super Gerbil has PWM spindle soft start, ATC, MOSFET ports, PWM composite ports, Bluetooth, STv2Link USB programmer to update the Open Source firmware , Optional opto coupler breakout provided for DC brushed motor driver sockets (2 choices) for your Spindle and optional Bluetooth module.

Spindle driver options
Spindle drivers options

Two spindle DC brushed motor driver options (Pololu)

Super Gerbil’s dimensions are 170 x 100 x 15 mm. Detailed specifications can be found here <link>

Instructions to set it up are here

You can track delivery here: DHL tracking link

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