New products: Mini Gerbil and Super Gerbil

Mini Gerbil – The Pocket Rocket for the K40-laser

Lead time is approximately Mid December –  January

This is our replacement product for the Gerbil we sold over the last year. Customers wanted more speed but also wanted to keep the small foot print and ease of connectivity for a an affordable small price that does not break the bank.

So we listened and created a pocket rocket for your K40 laser which runs of your K40 with no need for additional power supplies or connectors. We changed the USB connector for a more sturdy mini B type and added power protection to limit the power consumption of Gerbil to protect the laser power supply. All nicely packed into a small Jiffy box to protect your electronics.

The firmware is based on the ARM firmware of the Super Gerbil but just for two axis but runs 7 x faster on the 72 MHz 32 bits ARM processor the on our previous Gerbil.

You can either dither with existing software packages or have 16 bits PWM shaded grays. Mini Gerbil’s dimensions are 80 x 50 x 22 mm. Detailed specifications can be found here soon.

Super Gerbil – The Multi Axis CNC G-Code controller

Lead time is approximately Early March – mid May (after we supplied our Backers from Kickstarter)

This is the new product that we launched for our CNC customers. They wanted a product that could run 4 or 5 axis simultaneously and has additional features. We added breakout ports for those that want to use external stepper drivers. If you don’t have drivers then we got you covered: have made a package deal for you!

Features include PWM spindle soft start, ATC, Mosfet ports, PWM composite ports, Bluetooth, STv2Link USB programmer to update the Open Source firmware , on board DC brushed motor driver sockets (2 choices) and Bluetooth. Super Gerbil’s dimensions are 170 x 100 x 15 mm. Detailed specifications can be found here <link>

Tracking numbers are provided and you can track them here: DHL tracking link

Check your PayPal delivery address prior to complete the payment!


Free Trial









Mini Gerbil - Laser

 $86 from $79

USD Dollars/incl.shipping

Mini Gerbil G-Code Controller

2 Axis - X and Y

Jiffy Case

32 bits ARM STM32F103C8T6

96 kB Flash

2 x A4988 step sticks included

No accessories

Equivalent K40 connectors to plug into


Community Support - K40 Forum

Starter Super Gerbil CNC


USD Dollars/incl.shipping

Super Gerbil G-Code Controller

3 Axis 

No Case

32 bits ARM STM32F103

96 kB Flash

3 x A4988 step sticks included (1.5Amp)




Bronze Community Forum support

Maker Super Gerbil CNC


USD Dollars/incl.shipping

Super Gerbil G-Code Controller

4 Axis

Flat Pack Acryllic Case

32 bits ARM STM32F103

96 kB Flash

4 x  TB67S109 step sticks included (4Amp)

150 Watt Brush DC Motor Driver



Silver - Expect 2-4 days turnaround. Support for 6 months

Innovator Super Gerbil CNC


USD Dollars/incl.shipping

Super Gerbil G-Code Controller

5 Axis

Acryllic Case

32 bits ARM STM32F103

96 kB Flash

5 x  TB67S109 step sticks included (4Amp)

750 Watt Brushed DC Motor Driver

Wire harness between SG and external steppers

Blue Tooth module and USB Link Programmer

Gold - Expect us to get back to you in under 48 hours. Support for 12 months

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