Awesome.Tech Announces the ‘Super Gerbil’ 

Our previous Kickstarter was here


  • Free, user-friendly open source tool-chain (Inkscape, Fusion360, G-code sender)
  • M modal commands: M0 to 9 and basic ATC based on M6/Tn Gcodes(2 outputs)
  • G motion commands: G0..4,10,17,20,21,28,28.1,30,30.1,33,38.1..5, 40,43,49,53..59,61,90..94
  • 5 simultaneous stepper motor axis control, to control your most exotic equipment or machine
  • 5 + 1 stepper break out sockets for your external step drivers (breakout pins for external high-power step drivers)
  • Stepper frequency up to 100kHz
  • 16 Bits PWM (with composite outputs, opto-isolated, 5 or 10V) to drive your laser or VFD spindle control
  • PWM frequency configurable in 15 tiers of 60..80.000Hz
  • PWM Soft start feature to rev up your spindle to its desired revolutions (set in mSec increments)
  • 1 socket for choice of optional DC brushed motor drivers (with direction control) 150 or 750 Watt or use the PWM port
  • 1 Additional opto-isolated direction port (i.e. drive a relay) to drive your spindle/lathe motor’s direction
  • 5 opto-isolated MOSFET driven output ports (Tn/M6/7/8/9 i.e. to automate ATC, flood, mist, conveyor belt etc.)
  • 4 opto-isolated input ports (5kV isolation)
  • Limit switches on all 5 axis and a probe switch (all opto-isolated and can be inverted)
  • Door/Pause/Resume/Abort controls via buttons or switches (all opto-isolated)
  • Probe control via simple contact switch sensor (all opto-isolated, G38.1)
  • High performance 72MHz 32 bits STM32F103 ARM Cortex processor to provide smooth and responsive control
  • Opto-isolators for reliability and piece-of-mind (5kV, emc noise elimination, plasma cutter application)
  • ESD protection on USB port, PTC fuses on steppers and MCU
  • All I/O ports have led indicators to ease the installation and operation
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity to phone/tablet/PC for convenience of monitoring and management (up to 230 kBaud)
  • Extendable gcode features like canned cycles G76, threading and tapping G81..99 are on our future firmware additions list (96 k chip has lots of room for additions !)
  • More of the awesome support provided for the Original Gerbil R4