Mini Gerbil debugging – inconsistent connection or operation

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Symptom DetailLikely causes and their solutions (in recommended sequence)
Connection occurs, but inconsistent operationPoor connections into Mini Gerbil (one example: ribbon cable loose).  Check.

Other wires near the USB cable (either inside the K40 or outside the K40). Keep other wires well away so the USB cable doesn’t pick up interference.

Check for mechanical issues such as incorrect belt tension or obstructions

Virus scanner or other task interrupting your PC while laser is operating.  Disable and test.

PC is going into sleep mode during operation.  Change PC settings.

Avoid running a laptop on battery power as this typically forces sleep mode.

PC USB system is going into sleep mode (note: this may not be visible to the user) Review PC settings

Faulty K40 grounding. See

The stepsticks need to be adjusted for a lower or higher current, see

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