List of useful sites

This is a list of useful sites for laser cutting and engraving:

Looking to make slotted laser-cut templates from scratch? Here is the program for you!

Here is a fun site to get some ideas. 52 projects has turned into 130 and counting! “52 Lasers is a collaboration between Pixelaser and Isette, showcasing one new project per month created with an industrial laser engraving & cutting platform. The blog was born out of a need for an artistic challenge and a huge list of things we want to try, but never seem to get around to doing”

How about some free DXF files

Need a template for packaging and paper craft

Dial gauge for the K40 analogue potentiometer.

Unbelievable site for plans! Get ready to have your mind blown! This is a volunteer site and is not monetised so there are not any advertising ect. Just a place for people to interact with a passion for lasers.

You can never have too many tutorials on how to align the laser. Here is another take and explanation!

Need another vector art program

Great source for clip art

5 great common sense tips for laser engraving/cutting

Cool and Unique Laser Cut Lamp

Birdhouse, Great beginner project

Lots Of Cool Stuff to Make! Just look at this bowl!

Some Great Ideas to Reverse Engineer

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