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X and Y offset

Do you think you will be adding the X and Y offset back in to the plugin?  I think it is a great idea for when the canvas is larger than the picture to be engraved.

Yes, it is possible. I took them out because it could confuse the user. Basically you can set machine and work coordinates. Choosing between them allows you to use offset. This works via gcodes so you can edit your gcode file and add the workcoordinate and machine coordinate system G54-59:

G54-G59 work coordinates can be changed via the G10 L2 Px or G10 L20 Px command defined by the NIST gcode standard and the EMC2 (linuxcnc.org) standard. G28/G30 pre-defined positions can be changed via the G28.1 and the G30.1 commands, respectively.

so I need to provide in the UI two co-ordinate systems G54 and 55 or more where G54=0,0 and G55=user entry x1,y1 etc. Then a radio button to choose between G54 or 55 etc. (call them work machine position 1, 2 and so on so it’s more understandable for users).


Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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