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WIN GATE: WIN10 does not install drivers!

The well known Window WIN Gate issue where all non signed usb drivers could be loaded in WIN 10 anymore is a painful encounter with security. If you cannot install the FTDI drivers in WIN 10 than use the zadig.exe tool to install usblib drivers. Zadig can be downloaded from here.


Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

With zadig You can select the driver you want to install, between WinUSBlibusb-win32/libusb0 and libusbK.  Which one should I use?

I have used Libusbk but also had success with libusb0. You can try either and see if they work. If you install the official ftdi drivers, you should be able to install them without any trouble since they are digitally signed.

cheers, Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

Turns out I did not to go thru hoops with my WIN10 system.  The driver came up initially and I was able to print but I did instruct Windows to update the driver and it did that without any issues.  I am on the latest fixes and all is well.

I'm plugged in and powered up. I can only assume I should get a prompt to install drivers. I do not. Inkscape shows "Can not write to specified file!

I basically have no movement. What am I missing?

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