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What is the pin out of the alternate end stop connector J5

What is the pin out of the alternate end stop connector J5 on the mini-gerbil. It would be neat to have pin out photo or diagram of all the connectors on the mini-gerbil. Can anyone help.

Found an image of the connector on the older K40 Gerbil board. Both boards have the same pinout.

Pins are: 5V, Gnd, X end stop, Y end stop, Gnd. The 5V pin is the pin nearest the IRF9640 TO- 220 type package.


Thanks for this post! Yes the pin out is identical to match the K40 limit switch plug (GND, Y, X, GND, 5V) when looking at the edge of the mini Gerbil pcb over the ribbon connector. The 5V pin is purely to provide power to the electronic limit switches. If you have mechanical limit switches that you don't need the 5V pin. Also the grounds on the mechanical limit switches are combined to save a wire in the K40 wire harness. So three wires Y and X and Gnd.


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Colin Klapka
Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

some k40's do have 4 wires for the limit switches (twice gnd)

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

y limit, x limit, 2 ground wires, thats what is on the nanoboard, and the plug is wired that way, mini gerbil 3 is 5v, gnd, xlim, ylim, gnd.

x and y are not the same so how are people getting around this, with the nanoboard plug from k40  having 3 wires?



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