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Ten High/Cloudray PSU Wiring.


My standard Type 1 PSU just died.  Big crack when I switched it on so its either the PSU or the Laser itself.  Have done some trouble shooting with a meter and it seems its the PSU.  No current to the tube at all.

I have a new PSU on order, coming tomorrow, which is a Ten High 40W version, same wiring as the Cloudray one that looks the same.

I know I also need another 24V PSU to run the steppers and already have one installed so I'm wondering what the wiring is for the Ten High?

Looking through various forums it looks like its:

On the 24V PSU:

24V PSU to MiniGerbil 24V power -> J3 on the MiniGerbil.

On the Ten High left to right:

Switch Laser Control (Active High) - Not Connected,

Switch Laser Control (Active Low) -> LO on J3 on the MiniGerbil,

Water Protection -> Signal Ground (no current Water Protection of case switches in play),

Signal Ground -> GND on J3 on the MiniGerbil,

Input Control Signal (0 - 5V) ->J1 PWM Out,

5V -> 5vdc on J3 on the MiniGerbil.

Is that correct?  I've attached a picture here of the Ten High that I have bought.  Obviously I'll also be wiring mains power to AC on the Ten High to same mains, common earth on the external 24V supply and ensuring all grounds are good too.

Does that make sense?




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Hi Jason,

Sorry to hear about your power supply.

Your description is great, I think you've nailed it.

You didn't explicitly say it and I expect you know it already, but just some points for future readers:

- you need to connect the negative terminal of your 24V DC supply to the low voltage ground of your power supply. This will ensure your 24V and 5V are referenced from the same ground.

- when bringing cables into the K40, keep the space around the Mini Gerbil and its USB cable clear. For example, don't have the 24V mains supply or even Low Voltage output lying on top of the USB cable. Yes, they're insulated, but the electric field around the cables can impact the USB connection.

Let us know if you have any issues.



Thanks for the fast reply.

Thanks for the other pointers too.  I'd noted some, but not all of them so thats great extra ammunition for the change later.  I'm now just hoping the PSU didnt fry anything else like the Tube.  All lights on the MG were normal and it moved as instructed just with no laser.  My guess is the HV side blew.


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