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Super Gerbil

So, I recently purchased a Mini Gerbil board for my K40, and it is fantastic.  I really am having great luck with it so far.

That said, I'm interested in adding a rotary to my machine and I understand that a Super Gerbil is required for that.  My question(s) - are there any online resources or documentation around this topic?  What rotary to buy/use?  How to setup and configure a rotary to work with the Super Gerbil?  In my mind, it seems like this might be complicated, but perhaps it's easier than I expect.  Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Brian, we have dedicated a website and forum to Super Gerbil see https://supergerbil.com

You can use a rotary on the Y axis or use any of the A or B axis. In the G-code tool you need to configure to use the Y or A-B axis. That's all. I will do a blog about this topic soon or even a YouTube video.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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