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Raster plugin giving internal streaks

I'm using the beta plugin.

Using Inkscape, I write a serie of "1" in the middle of the workspace, they are 100% black on a white surface.

I then use the raster plugin, with R+G+B/3 and greyscale (256). It successfully raster my "1"s but it leaves streaks inbetween (see picture). Is there a parameter I should adjust?

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Hi Sebastien,

I believe it is a conversion error in png.py the script that converts colour pictures into grey pictures which I need to dive into.  As a work around you can use B/W or try the other RGB conversion. Hopefully I get to work on it soon. BTW feel free to edit the raster2Gcode.py script in the extensions folder. It's written in Python and one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Ideally our community should have a go at this rather than just one person. It's a learning curve but you get a lot in return.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

I found 4 lines in in the greyscale section of raster2laser that had or should have had F_G00 for speeding past whitespace and added + ' S0' to each and also removing any other "S" manipulation if it was there (line 557 was a F_G01 and I changed it F_G00 to fix the reverse not speeding up).  Now my print speeds past whitespace both forward and reverse and there are no more streaks.  I had also seen negative numbers for "S" in the gcode file - those are still there but don't appear to affect anything.

@Paul is there a github with the plugins?

I sent my changes to Paul for review and I suspect he will be making a fix available after he sanitizes and tests the changes.  There is a github for the plugins at https://github.com/paulusjacobus/Gerbil but I don't mess with the code there because it could be "in progress"

any idea if it was commit to github?

I downloaded latest version and it still gives streaks, same for beta 6. (And it now shows 2x the plugin entry "Raster 2 laser gcode generator")

@Paul: Could you include the version number in the GUI?

It sounds like you might have the extension in 2 places - I did that when I first started using gerbil.  Do a search for raster2laser.py and you should only see it in the share\extensions directory.  I am assuming you are on Windows so if you see it in the C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\inkscape\extensions that  could be your problem - if so, remove that one.  The beta6 GUI has multiple tabs so if you only see one you are still getting the old version.

Also, the beta6 version was committed to github.

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