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Random dots

HI'm getting random dots on my raster images. So far it's just this image as far as I can tell. They appear in random spots I've quadruple verified the image is clean. Any ideas?

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I have seen this before when using JPEG images from the web. The Inkscape raster plugin does convert these into PNG format (no licence fee) and some noise is introduced.

See if you can convert the JPEG (if it is a jpeg) into a PNG via a graphics program e.g. paint.net or online and try to use that as a starting picture. See if that makes a difference and let me know.


Thanks, Paul

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech


The image is a few years old I can't remember if I received it as a jpeg or not. I've since re vectored the png tried it in laserweb as raster merge fill. Saved it as a png after vectoring and rasterizec it with the same reultr. Using inkscape

As dumb as I feel I found the issue. Upon zooming all the way in on the image, changing my computer's display settings and looking at my display at an angle I was able to see pixels scattered about the white space with maybe a shade or two difference then white.

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Glad you found the problem. Some pictures do have a lot of noise inthem which is no obvious when looking at it. Well done!

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

It's pretty easy to get rid of those with Gimp.  Just free select the area with the noise and reduce the levels to zero.

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