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PWM connection for installation into a Ten High 40 watt co2 engraver

Hello everyone, I have replaced my nano 2 control board on my Ten High 40 watt co2 laser engraver with a mini grbl ver3, however there is an issue with the single PWM wire, the installation video shows the power supply for the standard K40 engraver which is different from my Ten High P/supply, I have attached a picture of my P/supply below, my engraver powers up, can draw outlines and shapes but nothing else i.e pictures, I assume it is because the PWM wire is not connected, does anyone have an idea as to which wire to disconnect and replace with the girl v3 wire, or has anyone installed one in a Ten High engraver, the controller is running with Lightburn, on windows 10, please can anyone help. Best regards TerryI’m setting up a Mini Gerbil with my K40/DIY laser.

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Hello there, I bough a Mini girl v3 controller from you a couple of weeks ago. I have read all your advice on installing the controller and watched all the videos, I have joined the K40 forum and posted my question there, no replies, My issue is all the connectors have been connected with the exception of the PWM single wire, the Ten high high is not the same as the P/supply in your videos I am at a loss as to where to connect it to on the P/supply and if any wire should be removed, I have run the engraver and it initialises the head returns to its home position, it can engrave outlines and text but can not engrave a picture, it just burns a. Background shade dependant on what power has been selected on the engravers panel. I have downloaded a couple of files for engraving one even laser ready, still same result. On the controller nine LEDs light up when running. I have looked at all the settings in Lightburn and can not see any issues although I am new to Lightburn and laser engraving. I bought the engraver from someone who had hardly used the machine, it is almost 2 years old, they V used the M2 nano board it came with, but I could not get it to work with Corel Corel laser draw or th K2 whisperer none wanted to connect properly with M2 board, so Now I have spent another £135.00 and all that I can do is make outlines or burnt wood, please can you help I have spent days and days trying to sort this out the forums either do not now much about the Ten High or they have not changed their board for a mini girl or they just can’t be bothered. Please can you help me with this board of yours and the PWM connection and any ideas about the just engraving a dark background.than you in anticipation.  Best regards. Terry P.s below is a picture of my power supply


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