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Problems Greyscale conversion

Dear all. I have a problem using the engraving plugin. In every pic or text I got laser marks that looks really ugly. I tried different settings but all the same only the position changes. If i choose black white conversion the text and pictures are ok and without any marks. Please help.

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I believe you have set the speed too high. Try 720 or 1000 and see how it comes out. Maybe you can take a snapshot of the plugin settings? Also have you calibrated the laser power $30 value? Let me know so I can direct you a bit better. Cheers, Paul

thanks for your quick response. I always use slow speed about 800-1000. $30 is 2500.

At the beginning it works well. Don’t know what happens. As you can see from the foto in black white the settings work well. Only greyscale is the problem. Are the gebril settings ok?

Best regards


Uploaded files:
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  • 8185A5F7-8645-4396-9E4B-100191CD4800.jpeg
  • 1B171FE3-0AB9-44BB-80F4-C4B624299A81.jpeg

Hi I see that all settings are ok so next step is to try a different picture to see if that persists. Ideally something with different greyscales and just a b/w picture. I have done a few updates in the engraving plugin. I increase the speed where there is just white space so the engraving goes faster. Also Tim Anderson found a bug where one colour (0 black) was missing in the 256 greyscale settings. That could be the error but just try a different grey instead of black to confirm. So will test my improvement and bug fix first and release it next week so you can try that as well to see if that improves.

Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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