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Power supply

Is it possible to run a sperate power supply to the min gerbil?


If so any instructions how this can be done.

Yes, a separate power supply can be used.

You need to take in the following considerations:

  1. All common grounds of the power supplies need to be connected with each other. Some power supplies don't use a transformer so check this as that can cause issues.
  2. 24VDC is used for the steppers, so check how much they use. The stock stepper motors are using 350mA each
  3. 5VDC is used on the stepper driver, you can use the stock Laser power supply or use a buck converter to reduce the external 24VDC to 5 VDC.
  4. the jumper JP1 is used to supply 5Vdc to the Mini gerbil circuits from the external 5VDC  power supply (big connector) or 5V usb connection. Having it on 5vExt gives a better user experience since a k40 power up will sync the homing of the machine. Setting it to 5v USB will cause the controller to home while there is no 24VDC available and time out with an error 9. (Note: just issue a $X via the console of the laser program e.g. Lightburn or laserweb etc to unlock and continue)
Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

What is the maximum voltage that can be supplied with a separate power supply? I have a separate 32vDC power supply that I would like to use to power the stepper drivers. Does the Mini Gerbil support a 32VDC power supply? The step sticks seem to support up to 35VDC max. I'm not sure if there are other components on the mini gerbil that this could damage?

Is there an electrical schematic for the mini gerbil?


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