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Pause and Resume does not work in LightBurn

Pause and Resume do work in Lightburn but for very small gcode files like cutting a rectangle, the code has all ready been send to the controller. The pause command just sits in the buffer and arrives too late. Try a bigger file and you will see that the software pause/resume does work.

However you can add physical pause and resume buttons to the controller via the first male pin header, see wiring diagram below. The push buttons go to PAUSE, RESUME and share a common ground GND. These work immediately.

Note: the safety door (k40 lid) is a normally closed switch. This means when the k40 lid is closed the switch is open. Instead of the Door switch, you can use the pause pin instead. The advantage is that the user can continue rather than home/restart. An addition pause switch must be wired in series and must be a Normally Open switch in order to work. Resume will than only work when the lid is closed again.


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Cheers, Paul awesome.tech

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